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Donghwa's journey,
from its very first step to the present.​​​​

Beginning of Dongwha
  • 1948. 04Established Dongwha Enterprise Co., Ltd.
  • 1971. 09Completed Korea's first timber yard
  • 1972. 03Established nation's first lumber industrial complex in Incheon
  • 1977. 09Completed PB Plant
  • 1986. 10Completed Korea's first MDF Plant
  • 1989. 07Entered into the chemical industry after completing Formaldehyde Plant
Preparing for
a Bigger Leap Forward
  • 1991.11Completed Resin Plant
  • 1992.02Completed LPM · MFB Plant
  • 1993.02MyungHo Seung, takes office as CEO
  • 1994.11Completed 2nd MDF Plant
  • 1995.07Dongwha Enterprise newly listed on the KOSDAQ market
  • 1995.08Established Dongwha-Affiliated Research Institute
  • 1995.08Completed 2nd PB Plant
  • 1996.05Completed Korea's first Laminate Flooring Plant
  • 1996.08Moved into lumber business in Australia
  • 1998.08Completed Green Factory
Innovation and
  • 2000.09​Acquired Daesung Wood Co., Ltd. (Currently Incheon PB Plant)
  • 2001.11Set up ERP, Began operation of Intranet (GreenNet)
  • 2003.05Changed Dongwha Enterprise CI
  • 2003.06Acquired Golden Hope Fiberboard Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia
    (Currently Dongwha Malaysia Nilai MDF Plant)
  • 2005.07Acquired Asan MDF Plant of Hansol Homedeco
    (Currently Dongwha Enterprise Asan MDF Plant)
  • 2006.11Acquired Merbok MDF Plant
    (Currently Dongwha Malaysia Merbok MDF Plant)
  • 2008.08Established joint venture VRG Dongwha, Vietnam, Moving into the global market in earnest
  • 2008.08Established Global Process Innovation (GPI)
Sprinting to be
a Global
  • 2011.10Grand-opening of MPARK, Used-car Sales Complex
  • 2012.08Completed 1st Line of MDF Plant for VRG Dongwha in Vietnam
  • 2013.05Completed new Lumber Plant for Dongwha Australia
  • 2014.04Announced new CI of Dongwha Group
  • 2015.01Acquired Hankookilbo · The Korea Times
  • 2015.06Hankookilbo declared republication
  • 2016.11Completed MPARK Hub
  • 2017.04Acquired fine chemical company Taeyang Chemical
  • 2017.08Completed 2nd Line of MDF Plant for VRG Dongwha in Vietnam
  • 2017.10Acquired Kotkamills Imprex (Currently Dongwha Finland)
  • 2019.08Acquired Panax Etec (Currently Dongwha Electrolyte)
Marching towards
a 100-year
  • 2021.12Dongwha Vietnam completed MDF · Laminate Flooring Plant
  • 2022.04Dongwha Electrolyte Hungary completed
    Electrolyte · NMP Recycling Plant
  • 2022.11Completed Dongwha R&D Center
  • 2023.06Dongwha Electrolyte commenced Tennessee Electrolyte Plant