Discover Donghwa's Corporate Identity.​​


The symbol mark featuring two trees standing side by side represents our nature-friendly philosophy aimed at protecting forests as well as our human-friendly corporate image. The color green symbolizes our environmentally friendly spirit. Each of the two trees symbolizes Dongwha and its customers as well as our connection to the world and our efforts to create a forest of future.

  • Dongwha
    Dark Green
    CMYKC92 / M18 / Y94 / K61
    RGBR0 / G89 / B45 (#00592d)
  • Dongwha
    Fresh Green
    CMYKC71 / M4 / Y100 / K45
    RGBR67 / G136 / B61 (#43883d)
  • Dongwha
    Light Green
    CMYKC54 / M1 / Y100 / K20
    RGBR112 / G177 / B65 (#70b141)
Background colors

The role of a background color is to accentuate the symbol. When using colors, including spot colors such as silver and gold, the luminosity contrast of 30-80 percent is banned. When using black and white colors only, the contrast must be under 30 percent for the black color and over 80 percent for the white color.

- White (명도대비 80% 이상) : 로고 컬러 표현, 은박, 금박, 로고 흑백 표현 가능 - Gray 40% : 로고 컬러 표현, 은박, 금박, 로고 흑백 표현 가능 - Gradation (컬러 및 별색 사용 금지) : 로고 컬러 표현 금지, 은박 금지, 금박 금지, 로고 흑백 표현 가능 - Gray 80% : 로고 컬러 표현, 은박, 금박, 로고 흑백 표현 가능 - Black (명도대비 80% 이상) : 로고 컬러 표현, 은박, 금박, 로고 흑백 표현 가능
How to use signature

A signature is an officially defined element that is necessary to maintain consistency of a corporate image. When expanded or reduced, the space between letters and the font must be always adjusted according to the proportions. The Korean signature can be used horizontally, perpendicularly and vertically, while the English signature can be used horizontally and vertically.

The English