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Wood Panel is the result of Dongwha's 75 years of technological advancement and innovation.

Centering Dongwha Enterprise, we produce board products, such as PB and MDF as well as interior building materials including flooring, and wall panels. We successfully established the Korea’s first lumber industrial complex and laminate flooring plant, solidifying our position as an industry leader. Also, our differentiated technology, expertise and know-how have earned recognition with outstanding quality.

Since our entry into the Australian market in 1996, followed by the expansion into Malaysia in 2003 and Vietnam in 2008, we have been actively pursuing opportunities to go beyond domestic market. Furthermore, we have developed eco-friendly materials and construction methods, realizing the virtuous circle of timber.

We are committed to taking responsibility for the environment and pursuing sustainable development with society.

Date of Establishment
April 1948
Business Area
Wood material business​
Board, Interior Building Materials, Lumber ​
Kwang Byeong Chae
Dongwha produces diverse board products that are widely used in furniture and interior applications with its unique design, production, and technology capabilities. Our focus on eco-friendly materials and processes enables us to contribute to the virtuous cycle of timber and drive sustainable innovation in the wood industry.
Interior Building Materials
Dongwha Enterprise constructed the Korea’s first laminate flooring plant in 1996, entering into the Interior building material business. Through the launch of high-value-added products that elevate the board's value, we have successfully expanded our business areas. In addition, by shifting the standard of flooring from PVC to wood materials, we introduced a new paradigm for residential spaces. We are committed to realizing a beautiful and enriching lifestyle through continuous research and development of eco-friendly and highquality products.
Lumber is a wood material for construction and industrial use by cutting raw timber into certain standards. Dongwha Enterprise established its first overseas production base in 1996 as a lumber production plant in Australia. In 2011, we acquired Willmott Timbers, a lumber company based in the Bombala, Australia. Subsequently, we constructed a large-scale lumber plant in 2013 from which produces 140,000㎡ of lumber and deck materials annually.
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