The Growth Engine towards
Dongwha’s Next 100 years​​


Dongwha chemical business has dedicated to enhancing the safety and well-being of our customers through innovations in the field of fine chemicals. Our commitment has resulted in pioneering ecofriendly resin development and the creation of green surface materials, all accomplished through Dongwha's exclusive technology.

With our expansion into the field of lithium-ion battery materials through the acquisition of Panax Etec (now Dongwha Electrolyte) in 2019, we are actively working to establish ourselves as a global chemical company by leveraging our overwhelming R&D capabilities.

We will set a new standard for sustainable future with constant challenges and technological innovation.

Date of Establishment
April 1948
Business Area
Fine Chemicals, Surface Material, Lithium-ion Battery Material
Fine Chemical Materials, Surface Materials, Lithium-ion Battery Materials
Si-Joon Lee
Fine Chemicals
Dongwha Enterprise produces a wide range of resin products that serve as essential raw materials in various everyday products through its fine chemical business. Leveraging our extensive chemical R&D expertise, we enhance the competitiveness of our wood panel business and drive the development of eco-friendly construction methods and products.
Surface Materials
We produce eco-friendly surface materials used as resource for board products. With our expertise and accumulated technology, we have been at the forefront of producing TEGO Film for plywood used in concrete formwork, and we are actively diversifying our product portfolio to explore new markets.
Lithium-ion Battery Materials
Dongwha acquired Panax Etec (now Dongwha Electrolyte) in 2019, entering into the Lithium-ion battery materials business. Dongwha Electrolyte produces electrolyte, a core material for lithium-ion batteries. With a solid global network and in-house R&D capabilities, we have achieved world-class business competitiveness. Moving forward, we remain dedicated to leading the lithium-ion battery materials industry through continuous technological innovation and close cooperation with our customers.
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