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Our challenge to becoming
a 100-year Company continues.​​

Founded in 1948, the Dongwha Group grew based on the wood industry and evolved into a global company with the lead in wood panel, chemicals, auto life, and media.

Donghwa Group, a leading name in the wood industry, opened Korea's first timber yard in 1971, followed by a PB Plant in 1977 and the country's first MDF Plant in 1986, asserting dominance in the domestic board market. Subsequently, we achieved vertical integration and solidified our position as Korea’s leading wood material company, producing high-value products like interior building materials and exterior finishes. As we entered the 2000s, we strengthened our capabilities through subsidiary establishment and acquisitions, expanding overseas production bases and showcasing our leading competitiveness on a global scale.

Donghwa Group's other core division, the chemical business, began in 1989 with in-house production of eco-friendly resins used in board manufacturing. In 2017, the acquisition of fine chemical company Taeyang Chemical laid the foundation for our chemical business. Since 2019, Dongwha has been advancing into the electrolyte business, a key material for next-generation energy and strengthening its role in the chemical business. In 2022, Donghwa Group further solidified its position as a leading chemical specialist by inaugurating the Donghwa Group R&D Center and consolidating R&D capabilities and infrastructure.

Donghwa Group expanded beyond wood panel and chemical businesses into auto-life and media businesses. In 2011, MPARK opened as Korea's first corporate complex for used car sales, promoting a culture of reliable trade.

Since their relaunch in 2015, Hankookilbo and the Korea Times have been working diligently to embody the founding spirit of the Confucian way of criticism, fair report and attitude of impartiality. We strive to deliver more accurate and transparent information, realizing the essential values of journalism.

We will persistently pursue challenges and innovation while adapting to the rapidly changing business environment. We will strive to create better value for our customers and humanity.