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Established in 2022, Dongwha R&D Center serves as a dedicated research and development organization, leading in creating future value through continuous technology development and innovation. The center maximizes its’ capabilities by bringing together infrastructure and researchers from all business units of Dongwha. This facilitates technological cooperation across various areas, including Wood panel, Fine chemicals, and Lithium-ion battery materials.

Date of Establishment
November 2022​
164 Wolmi-ro, Jung-gu, Incheon
R&D Vision
  • 01Strategic convergence research in Wood Panel · Fine Chemicals · Lithium-ion Battery Materials
  • 02Preemptive investment and research in future new industries
  • 03New product and technology R&D
  • 04Development of Intellectual property Portfolio
Research Areas
Board and Interior Building Materials
  • - Board applied research
  • - Board chemical research
  • - Development of new products related to PB and MDF

Fine Chemicals
  • - R&D in chemical materials
  • - Resins
  • - Surface materials

Lithium-ion Battery Materials
  • - R&D in electrolyte
  • - Additives
  • - Electronic materials
  • - Mass production