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We will take a higher leap
and drive innovation.​​

I am MyungHo Seung, the Chairman of Dongwha Group.

Since its foundation in April 1948, Dongwha has evolved into a global company by realizing infinite potential with the driving force of continuous change and innovation. Dongwha has pioneered the domestic wood industry by establishing the Korea's first timber complex and constructing an MDF plant. In addition, Dongwha has solidified its position as an industry leader by vertically integrating the businesses and diversified business portfolio beyond the wood panel, expanding into chemicals, auto life, and media. This strategic expansion has allowed Dongwha to extend its reach beyond Korea and into the global market.

Amidst numerous challenges and uncertainties, Dongwha has overcome obstacles through bold innovation and unwavering pioneering spirit. At the core of our success is our spirit and commitments to overcome challenges. In the face of unprecedented change and global economic shifts, Dongwha remains committed to forging ahead as it always has. As Dongwha celebrates its 75th anniversary, we are taking significant steps toward the future. Based electrolyte business, we are securing advanced technology and future competitiveness by expanding the the chemical business and investing in proactive and bold R&D. These efforts will undoubtedly drive Dongwha's sustainable growth and shape its success in the years to come.

Please, keep an eye on Dongwha's continued progress and strength in the future. We are committed to doing our best efforts for all, including employees, customers, and society, to share happiness and to achieve sustainable prosperity.

Thank you.

Dongwha Group Chairman

MyungHo Seung