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Vietnam Rubber Group

The Vietnam Rubber Group was established according to Decision No. 248/2006/QD-TTg on 30/10/2006 by the Prime Minister on the approval of the Pivotal Project with reference to the formation of the Vietnam Rubber Group and Decision No.249/20006/QD-TTg on 30/10/2006 by the Prime Minister on the establishment of the parent company - Vietnam Rubber Group.

The Prime Minister signed Decision 469/QD-TTG on 30/3/2011 with reference to the promulgation of Charter on organization and activities of theVietnam Rubber Group.

The Vietnam Rubber Group established on re-structuring the Vietnam General Rubber Corporation is a multi-ownership Group, in which dominant capital ownership belongs to the State.

The Business Activities Of The Vietnam Rubber Group Include

  • Planting, maintaining, exploiting and processing rubber latex
  • Rearing livestock, planting industrial trees, processing agro-products
  • Rubber industry: manufacturing, purchasing and selling industrial products, natural rubber, materials for the rubber industry
  • Planting forests and producing, buying and selling raw materials (natural rubber), processed wood products
  • Electric industry: investing in construction, exploitation and operation of hydro-electric, thermo-electric plants; selling electricity to business and consuming households as stipulated by the law
  • Engineering: casting, laminating, repairing, installing, producing merchanical products and other industrial equipments
  • Managing and exploiting sea ports: Business in land transportation, domestic waterways. Services of cargo’s loading and discharging; cargo’s handling and delivery; trade inspection
  • Producing, purchasing and selling construction materials
  • Business in real-estate (only for the projects approved by the authority excluding brokerage service, price rating and real-estate exchange)
  • Exploiting, supplying clean water. Treatment of waste water
  • Mapping,. Investment consultation (excluding legal, financial and accounting consultation)
  • Science and informatics consultation
  • General education: high school level
  • Business in hotels, restaurants. Service of domestic and international tourism
  • Other activities as regulated by the law

The subsidiary companies of the Vietnam Rubber Group include:
General companies, and companies with 100% initial captial owned by the Vietnam Rubebr Group (VRG); stock companies with more 50% initial capital owned by VRG; joint-venture companies with less than 50$ initial capital owned by VRG; and other service companies.

236 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Vietnam Rubber Group