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HR System

VRG Dongwha nurtures employees through fair evaluations and secures competitiveness in the same
field by providing performance based rewards


The goal of evaluation is to uncover and make up for any deficiencies as members of VRG Dongwha. The evaluation aims at identifying and developing their strong points, as well as identifying individual capabilities and competencies. It must also provide each employee with feedback on their strong and weak points so that they can determine their self development needs and improve deficiencies.

Performance appraisal basing on organizational performance

Competency appraisal to identify and develop weak points


Promotion in VRG Dongwha means to take charge of wider range of job with more accountability

Yearly promotion review Yearly, on March, company review promotion to employees who meet the promotion requirements (service years, performance appraisal, competency appraisal, training attendance)
Other promotion At anytime in the year, if there is a available vacancy