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CEO Message

Thank you for visiting VRG Dongwha MDF’s website.

Dear Valuable Customer,

VRG DONGWHA MDF, a joint venture between Dongwha of South Korea and VRG (Vietnam Rubber Group) of Vietnam, was established in August 8, 2008, entered plant construction in April 2010 and started production in May 2012. VRG DONGWHA MDF owns a 47m Press, the largest and most up-to-date facility of its kind in Vietnam. We at VRG DONGWHA MDF operate the factory based on the accumulated technological know-how of Dongwha, and are taking advantage of abundant raw materials in Vietnam to produce first-rate MDF and resin and sell them locally through the solid business network VRG has established over the years. Our MDF produced by VRG Dongwha MDF is widely recognized in the Vietnamese market for technological excellence and high quality.

We are striving to create a pleasant workplace in which our employees are compelled to work hard in full cooperation with the management, while making efforts to build differentiated partnerships with our customers through a continuous process of change and innovation. With the launch of our second production line in 2017, based on our diverse product portfolio we will quickly meet the market demand and thereby boost customer satisfaction significantly.

Out ultimate aim is to become a strong business that offers a vision and hope to its customers, employees, and all the members of the community. We will provide our customers with differentiated value while enabling our employees to work in a pleasant atmosphere.

We hope that you will continue to support and show interest in our growth as a first-rate business.

Thank you.

VRG Dongwha MDF / General Director / SeongYoung Lee