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Dongwha Group

Dongwha Group

Dongwha was founded in 1948 as a wood-based manufacturer named Dongwha Enterprise Co., Ltd. Since then it has evolved into a corporation with a presence in various markets, such as wood boards, chemicals, construction materials, homebuilding and automobiles.

It has established a firm presence in the domestic and global markets through its domestic subsidiaries, such as Dongwha Enterprise, Daesung Wood and Dongwha MPark, and overseas production bases in Malaysia, Vietnam and Australia.

Vertical integration of wood materials business, Dongwha Enterprise

Dongwha Enterprise, a leading wood materials manufacturer, acts as the foundation and core business area of the Dongwha Group. It has vertically integrated its business areas, including chemicals, flooring and construction materials and house construction, using high value-added products and technological expertise. Since 2000 it has solidified its position in the Asia-Pacific market through global expansion.

A new paradigm of automobile culture,
Dongwha M Park

Dongwha M Park was established to propose a new paradigm of automobile culture for the development of automobile after market as Dongwha’s future growth engine.

M Park city, as a leading brand of used car market, pioneers a transparent used car culture built on trust. M Park currently runs a used car trading center and M Park easy auction.

In the years to come, we will strive to enhance the sophistication of timber industry that is Dongwha’s strength. We also aim to expand in new directions and be a trustworthy enterprise nurturing happiness along with our customers through the growth in automobile after market, a new business area.

Leading the era of media convergence,
Hankook Ilbo

The media field, a new growth engine of Dongwha, will open up the era of media convergence around Hankook Ilbo.

Hankook Ilbo will grow as a reliable media house by building an integrated news platform that covers the entire range of media including the traditional newspaper as well as computer and mobile internet. Hankook Ilbo aims at creating high quality news contents, utilizing Dongwha’s manpower and expertise in innovative management.