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Why Dongwha

Dongwha’s competitiveness

begins from its promises

Innovation Green Technology Design Space for human

Space for human

Dongwha’s smart working space for
creating sustainable results.
  • Green Lounge for holding work meetings and reading books over coffee
  • Namu-gonganequipped with high-tech devices and overlooking the ocean
  • Dongwha Culture Villagefor training employees to prepare for a better tomorrow
  • Happy Loungeoffering a pleasant and cozy ambience for employees
  • Dongwha Design Centerfor creating new interior design trends
  • MPARK Easy-Auctionfor holding car auctions in a vibrant and cozy atmosphere
  • The Hankook Ilbo_Green LoungeA space used as a lounge and meeting room for The Hankook Ilbo, where you will feel as if you were truly immersed in a forest.

Dongwha pursues a corporate culture where its employees and customers are happy. It creates a happy working environment for its employees so that they can produce diverse values to make our customers happy.

  • Green Lounge
  • Namu-gongan
  • Dongwha Culture Village
  • Dongwha Design Center
  • MPARK Easy-Auction
  • Happy Lounge
Green Lounge
In Dongwha’s smart working space employees develop their creativity to produce sustainable results.