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Why Dongwha

Dongwha’s competitiveness

begins from its promises

Innovation Green Technology Design Spacd for human


Dongwha always strives to be “The First and The Best.”

Dongwha was able to maintain its leading position for over 70 years even in tough times thanks to its innovative spirit. By building Korea’s first particle board and MDF factories it transformed the labor-intensive timber industry into a high value-added technology-intensive one.

It also became the first manufacturer of laminate flooring, which dramatically improved the living environment of ordinary customers by replacing oilpaper. Another example of Dongwha’s relentless innovation is M Park, which improved the negative image of the used car market by introducing innovative distribution channels and transactions. As such, Dongwha always thinks different and turns a crisis into an opportunity.

Wood Sheathing Materials

Built Korea’s first particle board factory (1960)
Built Korea’s first MDF factory (1986)
Korea’s largest producer of PB
Korea’s largest producer of MDF
(largest in Asia and 4th largest in the world)

Dongwha MDF Factory

Processed Boards

Korea’s first batch-production system for processed boards (1992)
Korea’s largest producer of processed boards

Dongwha Design board

Construction Materials

Built Korea’s first laminate flooring factory (1996)
First in Korea to produce wood wall panels (2007)
Korea’s largest seller of laminate flooring

Dongwha Dizainwall

Auto Aftermarket

Opened the nation’s 1st Corporate-type Used Car Distribution Center (2011)
Operation of the largest Used Car Distribution Center in the nation


Dongwha’s innovative spirit has spread beyond Asia
as it strives to become a trustworthy
auto distribution company and Korea’s leading automotive brand.