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Why Dongwha

Dongwha’s competitiveness

begins from its promises

Innovation Green Technology Design Spacd for human

Green technology

We develop eco-friendly technologies that make people feel safe.

Dongwha strives to create a world where humans live in harmony with nature.

Our nature-friendly technologies create a better living environment that improves our customers’ standard of living.

Eco-friendly furniture

Dongwha’s eco-friendly technologies are used in all of its products. Our Eco-boards, which emit minimal amounts of formaldehyde, a carcinogen, are used to make safe, nature-friendly furniture.

  • Acquired healthy furniture standard mark
  • Eco-friendly Furniture Materials Standard

Production of environmentally-friendly first-rate laminate floor

We set examples for others to follow in environmentally-friendly residences through the production of first-rate Eo-laminate floor based on technological prowess displayed by Dongwha Eco Board.

  • Adoption of environmentally-friendly laminate floor for the first time in the country
  • Highest-level eco-friendly laminate flooring

Environmental protection and growth achieved simultaneously through upcycling

Dongwha up-cycles waste wood into sheathing materials for furniture, thus creating a new added value, minimizing timber imports and protecting forests to prevent global warming.

Waste wood up-cycling

Dongwha is determined to create trustworthy brands
for consumers in the interior decoration sector,
which is closely correlated with consumers’ everyday lives.