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Dongwha Culture Village

Foster global manpower taking the lead on Dongwha's

future and create its vision and corporate culture.

'Creative premium culture village'

Dongwha Culture Village is a premium training facility for developing creative and innovative talent.
Dongwha Culture Village captures the blue wave of Bukhan-gang (North Han River) and nature landscape, it is an ideal place for refreshment and learning with colleagues, friends and family. It can accommodate 30~80 people at one time, this is a perfect place to release creative and innovative ideas through corporate training programs, family gatherings, team workshop and also rejuvenating vacation.

Dongwha Culture Village
Dongwha Culture Village is built on an area of 27,000㎡ where Bukhan-gang can be seen from there. Consists of 5 buildings, the terraced construction blends well with nature surroundings.
Lobby Lounge
Lobby Lounge is a cozy resting area that can refresh mind and relax the body by enjoying the beautiful panorama and Bukhan-gang view.
Conference Room
Two large conference rooms and lobby lounge are available for lecture, seminar, meeting, and training programs.It is provided with big screen, projector, and cordless microphone system.
Meeting Room
Three meeting rooms with different sizes are available for selection. Meeting Room 1 is a premium meeting room which is specially built with a view of the Bukhan-gang that provides advanced equipments.
The cafeteria was built with transparent glass walls that offers nature view while having meal or banquet in there.
The twin sharing accommodation is fully equipped with bed, wardrobe, desk, telephone, Wi-Fi, shower in each rooms that allows people to relax and enjoy the scenery of Bukhan-gang from the window.
1708-38, Bukhangang-ro, Hwado-eup, Namyangju-si,
Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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