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Melamine Faced Board


Thickness (mm)
Size (mm)
2440 x 1220

Data Sheet

01. Application

Dongwha Melamine Faced Board (MFB) is decorative MDF wood panel laminated with melamine paper of various design or color.

MFB provides a pre-finished hard surface that is ready to install, easy to maintain, stain and scratch resistant. It is widely used for offices, kitchen cabinets and home furniture.

02. Specification

<Surface Properties of Melamine Faced Board>

detail view
Mechanical Properties Test Method Unit Average values
Paper weight   GSM 70 - 110
Flammability DIN 51960   K1
Porosity Graphite   0
Abrasion waterthrough (FP) EN 438-2, CS17 R Woodgrain > 100 revolutions
Solid color > 450 revolutions
Impact resistance ASTMD 1037 Pass 650mm drop
Scratch resistance EN 438-2, 14 N 2.5
Cigarette burn EN 438-2, 18   No change
Steam EN 438-2, 24   No change
Stain / Ethanol DIN68861B   1