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CEO Message

Thank you for visiting Dongwha Malaysia’s website.

I would like to express my heartiest thanks on behalf of the people of Dongwha Malaysia. Dongwha begins its present in Malaysia in October 2003 with one MDF line. Since then, it has aggressively expanded its MDF business in Malaysia.

Today, we have a total of Two (2) MDF lines, and One resin factory and have become one of the largest MDF Company in Malaysia.

Dongwha has always challenged us to fulfill customers’ expectations in our products and services. Mindful of this, we have our eyes firmly focused on producing products and delivering services of the highest quality without compromise.

Our people is our greatest asset. They are the core enabler of our business. We believe that the strength of our people lies on Dongwha core values of happiness, trust, respect for talent, change & innovation and integrity management.

Our people is the leader of our company. They are leaders with high ownership towards the business, continuously develop themselves and their people, and who are always look to making difference to customers and others.

Dongwha Vision is Dongwha's guiding aspiration to realize our target to become among the world's biggest wood panel company. In realizing this vision, our people will continuously strive to give the extra inch above our customers' expectations and our competitors. Dongwha is also committed and constantly puts its focus in the arenas of safety, corporate citizenship and environment.

Ultimately, we want to bring more happiness to the people around us and be recognized as a company that society wants to exist. On behalf of Dongwha Malaysia, I would like to ask for your support and encouragement.

Thank you

Dongwha Malaysia / General Director / LEE JAESUN