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Imprex® Surface Films Special Applications

Imprex® Surface Films
Special Applications

1. Product description

Imprex® Surface Films are used for overlaying of wood-based panels like plywood. They are self-bonding prepregs in which kraft paper is impregnated with thermosetting resin. The impregnation mixture may contain also releasing agents and pigments or dyes.

2. Imprex® NOVOX

Imprex® NOVOX Films are special overlays used for light weight transportation vehicles, floors, interior paneling, laser cutting and form press overlaying and gluing.

Panels with NOVOX® overlay can be digitally printed. Due to good UV-stability and printability combined with natural look, panels with light colored NOVOX® overlays are excellent for sign- and billboard applications. NOVOX® Films are phenol free.

3. Imprex® FM Painting Base and Imprex® FL Glue Film

Imprex® FM Painting Base is used as a base layer for paintable panels or as a taping base. It is not self-gluing and will preferably be glued with Imprex® FL Glue Film. Glue film is also used for gluing veneers in a hot-press.

Imprex® FL Glue Film provides excellent bonding by even distribution of glue. Glue seams are weather and boiling resistant and the usage of film reduces clean up and waste water typical of liquid glue.

Imprex® Painting Base serves as a homogenous surface for paint or tape, while giving advantages in paint consumption and cracking resistance. Typically latex, alkyd, oil, polyurethane and epoxy paints are used in combination with Imprex® Painting Base.

4. Package

The normal diameter of Imprex® reel is 550 mm. The reels are delivered on pallets or packed loose in 20 or 40 foot containers for transportation. Imprex® Films are also supplied in sheets.

5. Contact

For further information please contact our sales or technical customer service.