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Imprex® Surface Films

Imprex® Surface Films

1. Product description

Imprex®-Surface Films are used for overlaying of wood-based panels like plywood. They are self-bonding prepregs in which kraft paper is impregnated with phenol formaldehyde resin.

2. Benefits of using Imprex®-Surface Films

  • maximum re-use of panels
  • smooth, easy to clean surface with low coefficient of friction
  • higher friction coefficient when wiremesh imprint / textured pressplates used
  • improved chemical resistance to oils, solvents, dilute acids and bases
  • low moisture penetration
  • improved resistance against abrasion, bacteria, insects and fungi

3. Applications

  • concrete shuttering panels
  • walking and working levels
  • transportation: trucks, trailers, containers
  • storage shelves, agricultural buildings
  • construction

4. Package

Imprex® Films are supplied in different widths as reels or sheets. Normal diameter of Imprex® reel is 550 mm.

5. Contact

For further information please contact our sales or technical customer service.