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Imprex® Core Stock

Imprex® Core Stock

1. Product description

Imprex® Core Stock impregnated papers are prepregs in which kraft paper is impregnated typically with phenol formaldehyde resin or its modifications. The impregnation mixture may also contain small amounts of chemical additives, pigments and dyes.

Imprex® Core Stock is mainly used as a core material in decorative high pressure laminates (HPL) and in CPL laminates.

2. Applications

Imprex® Core Stock is used for various applications of HPL and CPL as kitchen, office and living room furnishing

  • bathrooms
  • interior finishes
  • exterior finishes
  • wall coverings
  • vehicle manufacture
  • flooring laminates
  • technical laminates

3. Products

Dongwha Finland Oy provides wide selection of Imprex® Core Stock grades for

  • post forming applications
  • demanding fire safety applications
  • thin HPL and compact laminates
  • continuous laminate (CPL) presses
  • single-opening short-cycle presses

4. Advantages of using Imprex® Core Stock

  • High mechanical strength
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High resistance to the heat and frost
  • High resistance to water and steam
  • Good hygienic and antistatic properties
  • Low emission values

5. Package

Imprex® Core Stock is supplied in different widths as reels or sheets

6. Contact

For further information please contact our sales or technical customer service.