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Dongwha Finland

Dongwha Finland plant is located in southern Finland, by the sea in Kotka.

The plant has been owned by Dongwha Enterprises since 2017. Before that, the mill was part of the Kotkamills plant for decades. The factory has produced phenol resin impregnated surface film and core paper since the early 1980s.

Kotka plant has 3 impregnation lines. They produce Imprex® surface films for plywood industry and Imprex® core stock which is raw material for the laminate industry. In Kotka there is also sheet cutting machinery.

We produce wide range of different types of impregnated papers. In addition to delivering Imprex® products, we offer our whole experience and expertise to our customers’ processes.

Established in
Norskankatu 6, FI-48100 Kotka, Finland
Postal address
P.O. BOX 17, FI-48101 Kotka, Finland