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Mpark Easyauction

Used car mobile auction setting new trends in Korea's used car auction market.

Company Dongwha M Park

Brand M PARK Easy-Auction


01. Introduction

MPARK EASYAUCTION enables customers to sell their cars in an easy and convenient way, in any place they want, using real-time mobile auction system.

02. Mobile Auction

01. Check bidding prices at different buyers market at your convenience
Check product details of auctioned cars and participate in mobile bidding anywhere you want: be it at front of your house or company parking lot. Elected members bid through mobile auction, and you can sell your car at the best price.
02. Compare viable selling price even if you don't know the market price
We compare many different bidding price, so you don't have spend your time and money to find out what the market price is.
03. Pick the best price
Many buyers compete to win your car, so you will be able to select the best offer.
04. Transparent bidding process
You can put your worries behind of whether your car will sell, because you can see who's bidding at which price. You can check all the process in real time through web and mobile to compare all the prices.

03. Service

step.1 - Consultation , step.2 - Vehicle Evaluation , step.3 - Mobile Auction , step.4 - Check bid price , step.5 - Determine for sale , step.6 - Car payment, step.7 - Nominal Transfer