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Korea’s largest Used Car Distribution Center offering convenience and swift transactions.

Company Dongwha M Park



01. Introduction

MPARK is the largest used car complex in Korea that offers a trustworthy and convenient environment to buyers and sellers. It is equipped with a transparent transaction system to prevent fraud and maximize customer convenience

02. Characteristics

01. Trustworthy
All employees at the center undergo training on a regular basis to ensure that customers can buy and sell used cars in a transparent and convenient way. All fraudulent transactions are blocked while the quality of cars is guaranteed.
02. Pleasant
MPARK offers a pleasant environment that stands apart from Used Car Distribution Center. It has a spacious exhibition hall that can put on display more than 6,000 cars, as well as inventory and facility management systemsthat allow to keep the center in the best condition year-round.
03. All-inclusive one-stop services
MPARK offers one-stop services that include car sale, performance tests, repair, after-sales service and installation. It also features a special section for auto insurance, financial matters and car registration and transfer, enabling customers to carry out transactions in a swift and convenient way. Each floor at the complex has convenience, dining, leisure and shopping facilities.
04. Convenient
The center has a spacious parking lot for customers and an information center that provides them with necessary information while they are shopping. Each floor has a kiosk where customers can check out Web sites on cars and information on the cars available at the complex in real time using their smartphones.

03. Size

M Park City Size
Number of displayed cars 10,630
Number of firms 168
Convenience facilities 109
Facilities Exhibition halls for new and imported cars,
Restaurants, Car repair services, Car wash,
Waxing, Financial services, Convenience facilities