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Products & Brand

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Wall Panels

Korea’s first wall panels for interior design.

Producers Dongwha Enterprise

Brand 동화디자인월


01. Introduction

The Dizainwall was the first in Korea wood wall panelfeaturing luxurious marble and wood patterns. Its design patterns can be combined in various ways to create an elegant decor.

02. Characteristics

  • Made with eco-friendly Dongwha Eco-boards, which emit less than 0.5mg/ℓ of formaldehyde. Causes no harm to human health and the environment as it requires no adhesives for installation and can be installed by joining boards with tongue and groove joinery.
  • The embossed surface is available in diverse wood grain and stone textures. Consumers can combine panels in various ways as they want.
  • Easy to install, clean and maintain. Stays clean for long periods.

03. Purpose of use

Apartments, Residential spaces, Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Exhibition halls