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Products & Brand

Our products and services create

green living spaces

Residential Leum floor materials

They feature exquisite design and easy management.

Producers Dongwha Enterprise

Brand 동화자연마루


01. Introduction

Our residential Leum products are easy to manage due to special ultraviolet coating finish and use environmentally friendly plasticizer for users’ health.

02. Characteristics

  • Our products feature exquisite surface texture of wood pattern, natural colors, and refined design.
  • Special ultraviolet coating finished surface ensures durability. They are resistant to scratches, spots, and external shocks. They are easy to clean and manage.
  • Made with environmentally-friendly plasticizer, our products help you live in a pleasant space without being concerned about sick house syndrome.

03. Purpose of use

Residential and commercial flooring materials

04. Structure

Thick patterned wood (over 2mm) on plywood
1Special ultraviolet coating layer
2High-tensile, transparent film layer
3HD design print layer
4Dimensional stability layer
5Cushion layer
6Bottom layer

05. Product lineup

  • Natural Leum materials that make you feel peaceful and comfortable