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Products & Brand

Our products and services create

green living spaces


. Dongwha’s unique flooring system designed for specific environments.

Producers Dongwha Enterprise

Brand 동화자연마루


01. Product lineup

Environmentally-friendly functional school floor

01. Flooring for schools
High-quality and eco-friendly click-type flooring for schools and gyms. Requires no adhesives for installation and creates a pleasant and safe educational environment.

Dongwha Access Floor that helps you arrange electric wiring neatly

02. Flooring for computer and telecommunication facilities
Dual flooring that allows hiding and protecting electric wires under the floor.

Top Floor, an anti-earthquake flooring system

03. Flooring for residential, commercial and educational spaces
Dual flooring made with the technologies of Dongwha Nature Flooring and Japan’s best dry-floor manufacturer Bankyo Floor. Durable, safe and sound-proof.