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HPL Plywood flooring

Practical flooring product offering the advantages of plywood and laminate floorings

Producers Dongwha Enterprise

Brand 동화자연마루


01. Introduction

This product offers the advantages of plywood and laminate floorings. It has a natural wood texture and strong surface, which is resistant to scratches and scribbles.

02. Characteristics

  • Endurable to scratches and small shocks thanks to its reinforced surface.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Made with waterproof plywood, which is resistant to humidity and curling.

03. Purpose of use

Household and commercial use

04. Structure

Surface paper on plywood
1Overlay paper
2Decorative paper

05. Product lineup

  • Standard-setting HPL Plywood flooring adding warmth to your family life
  • Just Touch It! Our product with specially treated surface
  • Highly reinforced floor boasting durability and natural feel