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Products & Brand

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Wood flooring

High-quality wood flooring made with raw lumber.

Producers Dongwha Enterprise

Brand 동화자연마루


01. Introduction

Wood flooring with natural wood texture is made by coating veneer with a raw lumber layer that is at over 2mm thick.

02. Characteristics

  • Made of natural wood, this product has a vivid wood texture and natural touch. It also helps regulate indoor humidity levels.
  • The surface is thick enough to be repaired three or four times when scratches appear.
  • When the product becomes twisted due to humidity or temperature, it can be easily restored by adjusting humidity and temperature.

03. Purpose of use

Household and commercial use

04. Structure

Thick patterned wood (over 2mm) on plywood
1Treated surface layer
2Natural wood

05. Product lineup

  • BAUM, timber floor that makes you feel at home
  • BAUM WIDE, timber floor that makes you feel at home