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Resin containing minimum amounts of formaldehyde thanks to patented production technologies

Producers Dongwha Enterprise Dongwha Malaysia Dongwha Vietnam

01. Introduction

This eco-friendly resin contains minimum amounts of formaldehyde, which is possible through a reaction between melamine and formalin achieved by using patented technologies. Dongwha was the first in Korea to develop formalin-free resin and adhesives for boards.

02. Product lineup

Resin product-specific features and applications
Category Characteristics Areas of use
Phenolic resin Thermosetting resin made with phenol and

Resistant to heat and chemicals, and has excellent dimensional stability.

Electronic materials, Casting,
Friction materials, Impregnation,
Non-inflammable materials,
Memorial stones, Phenolic foam,
Molding materials, Abrasives
Urea resin Thermosetting resin made with
components and formaldehyde.

Transparent and easy to color.

Adhesives, Molding materials,
Plywood adhesives, Paints,
Electric parts
Melamine resin Thermosetting resin made with melamine
and formaldehyde.

Resistant to heat, acid and solvents, has excellentelectrical properties.

Tableware, miscellaneous goods,
electric devices, molding materials,
plywood adhesives, paints