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Phenolic Surface Paper

Phenolic treated sheets made with Kraft paper

Producers Dongwha Enterprise Dongwha Finland

01. Introduction

Phenolic surface paper is an adhesive sheet made by impregnating craft paper with phenolic resin that is resistant to water and pollution. The sheets are dried and attached to plywood using hot pressure. Phenolic surface paper is used in concrete shuttering and construction industries.

02. Characteristics

  • The surface of phenolic surface paper is impregnated with phenolic resin, which is highly resistant to water and abrasion and very precise. It allows reducing concrete casting time and saving construction costs.
  • Phenolic surface paper can be used intensively more than ten times. As a water-resistant material, it does not rust away, while its adhesive layers do not develop cracks.

03. Manufacturing process

04. Purpose of use

Concrete shuttering for construction use