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LPM(Low Pressure Melamine)

Resin sheets made by drying patterned paper.

Producers Dongwha Enterprise Dongwha Malaysia

01. Introduction

Resin sheets made by drying patterned paper.

02. Characteristics

  • Compared to other surface materials, LPMs are highly resistant to heat, pollution and scratches. They are also economical and allow for the printing of diverse patterns, making them an ideal surface material for furniture and flooring.
  • The quality of LPMs produced by Dongwha Enterprise is checked thoroughly according to the European standards.

03. Manufacturing process

04. Purpose of use

  • Surface material for furniture: Dining tables, doors, application materials
  • Flooring, finishing materials

05. Specifications

LPM Specifications
Category Scope
Paper weight Regular (60-120g)
Overlaying (25-62g)
Colors, Patterns Solid color: 70 kinds
Wood grain: 250 kinds
Abstract patterns: 70 kinds
Product size 4’ X 8’ (1,220 X 2,440mm)
4’ X 6’ (1,220 X 1,860mm)
4’ X 5.3’ (1,220 X 1,650mm)
Roll Type