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Services & Brand

A new growth driver of Dongwha creating a whole

new level of auto life and transparent trading.

01. Services

Used-car sales complex

With the largest showroom center displaying more than 10,000 vehicles at a time and an extensive customer parking lot that accommodates 1,500 vehicles, MPARK is creating an advanced and reliable trading culture based on the expertise accumulated by more than 160 trading firms for used cars. MPARK is turning itself into a leading distribution mecca for used cars in Korea with a display capacity of over 10,000 vehicles.


Sales/Purchase service for used cars

Your experience of selling your own car is redefined with MPARK EASY AUCTION. The easy-to-use MPARK EASY AUCTION allows our customers to easily and conveniently sell their own vehicles via online bidding. With one phone call, our customers can complete the entire process, from consultation to evaluation, paperwork, vehicle consignment, auction, sale, and payment.


02. Brand

Korea’s No. 1 auto sales complex.

A new concept online auction service that allows customers to put their own cars up for online auction