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MFB(Melamine Faced Board)

Processed boards made with eco-friendly technologies.

Producers Dongwha Enterprise Dongwha Malaysia

Brand 동화디자인보드

01. Introduction

MFB is processed boards made using eco-friendly technologies by attaching LPM sheets to PB and MDF using hot pressure.

02. Characteristics

  • Unlike regular processed boards, MFBs do not require adhesives. They are made by using thermosetting resin developed by Dongwha Enterprise. Thermosetting resin evaporates and disappears when LPM sheets are attached to boards using hot pressure. Such adhesive-free MFB is more environmentally friendly than existing processed boards and coated with paper, which makes them easy to recycle.
  • Dongwha’s MFB enhance the value of furniture materials and are the only ones in the domestic board market to have 350 design patterns developed by in-house designers.
  • Color Pallet of MFB
    • JEANS
    • NOCE
    • OAK
    • SAW CUT
    • TEAK
    • TEX-C
    • WIRE
    • Z-14

03. Manufacturing process


04. Purpose of use

  • Furniture materials : office furniture ,kitchen furniture, built-in closets
  • Other : artwalls, cubicles

05. Specifications

MFB Specifications
By material MFM – furniture doors
(Melamine Faced MDFs)
MFC- furniture body
(Melamine Faced Chip-boards)
By function Coating Fire prevention General use
By surface embossing For doors General use
By pattern Specified use General use