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Global Network

Dreams of Dongwha reaching out

to the world beyond Asia.

Korea Finland China Malaysia Hungary

01. Overseas Operation

Finland Dongwha Finland


Vietnam Foreign Operation Infomation
Established in 1/9/2017
Phone +358-50 5178698
Location P.O.Box 62-63 FI-48101 Kotka, Finland
Business Phenolic Surface Paper

China dongwha electrolyte


Vietnam Foreign Operation Infomation
Established in 1/8/2009
Phone +86-22-6632-0005
Location Xinye 8 Street and Xinsheng Road Street Intersection, West District of TEDA, Tianjin, China
Business Electrolytic Solution

Malaysia dongwha electrolyte


Malaysia Foreign Operation Infomation
Established in 08/2009 (date of acceptance 07/2019)
Phone +60-7-595-1300
Location PTD 103252, Jalan Idaman 3/11, Taman Desa Idaman, Senai Industrial Park, 81400 Senai, Johor, Malaysia
Business Electrolytic Solution

Hungary dongwha electrolyte

Hungary (Soskut)

USA Overseas Offices Infomation
Established in 4/24/2020
Location Ipari park 067/4, Soskut, Hungary 2038
Business Electrolytic Solution, NMP Recycling