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Business Philosophy

01. Our Vision

Dongwha values people and nurtures happiness along with its customers.
We will improve our customers’ standard of living and reach new heights in the future through change and innovation in various business areas.

02. Core Values

The power of making our dreams come true lies in our core values.


We take pride in our work and strive to create a pleasant workplace and achieve happiness through work and life balance.

  • Dongwha Leadership Center, a natural space for employee development
  • Joy at work
  • We make work fun by creatinga happy workplace.


We keep our promises to customers and respect our people & partners.

  • Dongwha Eco-boards,
    eco-friendly materials created on customer trust
  • Agora, a venue of communication fostered through mutual respect
  • Trust and transparency in the used car market

Respect for Talent

We encourage our employees to grow further through continuous self innovation with open mindset and to create corporate values by moving forward.

  • Employee development through systematic training
  • Bolstering employees global capacity
  • Strengthening organizational capacity through communication among employees

Change and Innovation

We create customer values through our challenging spirit and creativity, and strive to enhance global competency by winning attitude. We pursue an inventive corporate culture.

  • Design Center, a trendsetter in interior decoration
  • 4th Management Innovation Festival
  • Vision Declaration Ceremony ushering in a new century in Dongwha’s history


We manage ethically and transparently through our Code of Business Conduct and take our social responsibility.

  • Happy Dongwha volunteer team
  • Flooring donations
  • Environmental preservation through Green Factory