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CEO Message

Thank you for visiting Dongwha Finland’s website.

Dongwha begins its present in Finland in November 2017 when Dongwha Enterprise bought Kotkamills Imprex Oy through acquisition. Impregnation facility with two impregnation lines located in Kotka where has been operations almost 40 years already. Mainly manufacturing phenolic impregnated papers for laminate industry and plywood industry needs. This is the first site in Europe where Dongwha has operations so we as a members of Dongwha Finland Oy are very proud of that to be first ones also in this since we want to be number one in all areas what we are doing and working for.

We changed our company name to Dongwha Finland Oy in March 2018 and since then also our customers and suppliers and cooperation partners can see better our new identity. Because of long history in this business main products are the same and contact persons are the same and our world class customer service is still the same. At least the same so of course continuous improvement is our target every year and every day so with new owner we see very bright future in front of us and good possibility also to develop us together with you dear customers dear suppliers and dear cooperation partners.

Dongwha core values of happiness, trust, respect for talent, change & innovation and integrity fits very well to Dongwha Finland Oy operations. We want to be number one in all areas where we are working. To be number one we have to have number one product quality, number one employees, number one production technology and number one customer service. And at the same time we have to treat people and society well and remember to have some fun also time to time. All this goes nicely together with our core values of Dongwha and shows us that we are on the right track.

On behalf of Dongwha Finland, I would like to thank you one more time visiting our website, let’s have bright future together.

Thank you

Dongwha Finland / Managing Director / Juha Rantanen