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Enriching customer value
with the best brand
in each field.

Dongwha Eco-boards emit minimum amounts of
formaldehyde, helping to prevent sick-house syndrome.

Flagship product

In the furniture industry Dongwha Eco-board is
like Intel in the computer industry.

Dongwha Eco-boards are made with wood sheathing materials of Grade SEO-E1 (Korea Standard for environmentally friendly products) and emit minimum amounts of formaldehyde, thus helping to prevent sick-house syndrome and minimize carcinogens.

This brand helped raise awareness of harmful substances emitted by wood furniture, and even created a new term –“sick furniture syndrome”– to inspire furniture makers to avoid using harmful materials.

Dongwha Enterprise launched a campaign named “Ecorean” to get rid of sick furniture syndrome and contribute to the creation of eco-friendly living culture. All of Dongwha products and materials are labeled with environmental marks. In doing so Dongwha set an example of how corporations must take responsibility for the quality of their products if they want to earn customer trust.

Dongwha Eco-marks and
environmental marks for furniture

Innovative processed boards made with eco-friendly wood boards
featuring diverse textures and patterns.

Flagship product

Dongwha Design Boards adds design value to the B2B materials.

This brand enables Dongwha Enterprise to set new trends and create new styles in the furniture market by designing diverse boards used in furniture. Dongwha’s furniture materials brand satisfies not only its existing clients and furniture companies but large construction companies and consumers as well.

Dongwha Enterprise has a special division tasked with board design. It develops diverse textures and custom-made patterns for construction companies. Thanks to its own factories producing surface materials and chemical products, Dongwha can save costs and control quality by producing all necessary products on its own, from boards and surface materials to patterns.

As Korea’s first and leading flooring brand, Dongwha Nature
Flooring develops environmentally friendly materials and technologies.

Producers Dongwha Enterprise

The leading brand in Korea promoting eco-friendly living culture.

Up until 1996, when Dongwha Nature Flooring released the nation’s first laminate flooring, wood flooring was regarded as a symbol of affluence. Thanks to Dongwha Nature Flooring products, ordinary consumers can create luxurious decors in their homes for reasonable prices.

Dongwha Nature Flooring has won the number one status in the interior design sector not only by developing nature-friendly products but also by impressing customers with its service. By supplying and installing interior design materials on its own, Dongwha can closely monitor the quality of its services and provide a ten-year quality guarantee, the longest in the industry, to its customers.


Eco-friendly, convenient and
innovative wall panels of beautiful designs.

Producers Dongwha Enterprise

Wall panels made of wood, marble, fabric and other natural materials and
offering excellent soundproofing and display functions.

DongwhaDesignwall panels allow for the unique decoration of walls using iverse patterns and functions in residential and commercial spaces.

DongwhaDesignwall’s diverse products look their best when combined with Dongwha Nature Flooring products.


Promoting the auto aftermarket and earning
customer trust through the best facilities and services.

Enterprise Dongwha M Park

Flagship service

MPARK City is the country’s largest vehicle transaction complex.

As the largest used car complex in Korea, M Park City offers a pleasant shopping environment and has a system that blocks fraudulent transactions. It offers all-inclusive services that enable customers to search and buy available cars and even finish nominal transfer procedures right on the spot.

M Park City Website

We offer a new concept of car selling service that help customers
buy and sell cars easily and transparently through an online auction system.

Enterprise Dongwha M Park

Flagship service

Selling your car becomes a fun affair with MPARK EASYAUCTION.


We offer a finance service that helps MPARK customers
to make a reasonable and convenient vehicle purchase.

‘Dongwha Capital’will take care of your safe and reliable used car installment finance service.

Dongwha Capital is an installment finance service created jointly by Dongwha M Park, the largest used car sales complex in Korea, and BNK Capital. We offer specialized used car installment finance products to our customers based on MPARK’s competitive edge in the used car market and BNK Capital’s financial capabilities. We strive to provide safe and reliable finance services to our customers.

Dongwha Capital Website