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History of Dongwha

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65 years of innovation
hand in hand with wood.

Prosperity 2003~Now

  • 2003. 10Launched Dongwha Holdings
  • 2004. 11Incorporation of Hong Kong Global holding company
  • 2005. 08Acquisitions of Rayonier MDF plant in New Zealand
  • 2005. 09Acquisitions of Hansol Homedeco(Asan) MDF factory
  • 2006. 11Acquisitions of Merbok MDF, Resin factory in Malaysia
  • 2007. 05Acquisitions of Guthrie MDF in Malaysia
  • 2008. 02Incorporation of Dongwha International
  • 2008. 08Incorporation of ‘VRG Dongwha’
  • 2011. 03Acquisitions of Willmott Timbers in Australia
  • 2011. 10Opening of used car distribution center, MPARK
  • 2012. 08Completion of VRG Dongwha, MDF Factory
  • 2013. 05Construction of Dongwha Timbers’ new sawmill Plant
  • 2013. 10Dongwha restructured to Dongwha Enterprise and Dongwha M Park Holdings
  • 2014. 04A change of Dongwha CI
  • 2014. 07Started MPARK EASYAUCTION (Mobile auction service)

Prosperity 2003~Now

  • 2015. 01Opening of used car distribution
  • 2015. 06Announced the republication of The Hankook Ilbo
  • 2016. 05Founded Dongwha Vietnam
  • 2016. 11Opening of used car distribution center MPARK Hub
  • 2016. 11Openig of Web Portal for Automobiles ‘Mocle’
  • 2016. 12Founded Dongwha Capital (Used Car Installment Finance Service)
  • 2017. 04Acquired precision chemical company ‘TAE YANG CHEMICAL’
  • 2017. 10Acquired 'Kotkamills Imprex', TEGO Film manufacturer
  • - 2003. 10

    • photo1Incorporation of Holdings Company
    • photo2Incorporation of Holdings Company
    Holding company
    The Dongwha Group was launched as a sawmill, but grew exponentially into a large corporation producing particle boards, MDFs and laminate flooring.

    In 2003, Dongwha became the first mid-sized company to become a holding company in order to ensure its sustainable growth and efficiency.

    Dongwha Holdings acted as the headquarters of the group, sparing no effort to globalize the group and develop its new business areas. In October 2013, when its corporate structure stabilized, Dongwha Holdings merged with Dongwha Enterprise.

  • - 2005 ~ 2011

    • photo1Malaysian business views
    • photo2Asan assimilation companies MDF plant in the foreground
    • photo3New Zealand business views
    • photo4Australian workplaces views
    Going global through M&As and acquisitions of production facilities
    • 2005. 08Acquired Rayonier MDF Plant in New Zealand.
    • 2005. 09Acquired the Asan factory of Hansol Homedeco.
    • 2006. 11Acquired Malaysia Merbok MDF, Resin Palnt.
    • 2007. 05Acquired Malaysia Guthrie MDF.
    • 2011. 03Acquired Willmott Timbers in Australia.
    In the mid-2000s Dongwha further expanded its overseas presence by carrying out mergers and acquisitions with foreign companies and acquiring production facilities based in other countries. It established production facilities in Australia, Malaysia and New Zealand to lay a foundation for its global expansion.
  • - 2011. 10

    • photo1Korea’s first and largest used car complex(M park City)
    • photo2Korea’s first and largest used car complex(M park City)
    • photo3Korea’s first and largest used car complex(M park City)
    Opening of used car distribution house M Park City
    To unearth new growth engines after dedicating six decades solely to the timber industry, Dongwha chose the automotive aftermarket. The launch of the used car complex called M Park marked the beginning of the Dongwha auto aftermarket.

    It is Korea’s first and largest used car complex of a department-store type that offers a pleasant shopping environment and a fraud-prevention system to customers.

    open ceremony Video Promotion Video
  • - 2012. 08

    • photo1VRG Dongwha MDF ‘MDF Factory’ Foreground
    • photo2VRG Dongwha MDF ‘MDF Factory’ Foreground
    • photo3VRG Dongwha MDF ‘MDF Factory’ Foreground
    VRG Dongwha MDF builds MDF factory
    In 2008, Dongwha joined hands with the Vietnamese state-owned VRG Group to establish VRG Dongwha MDF.

    It took two years of preparations and another two years of construction to launch MDF production in 2012. VRG Dongwha MDF’s MDF factory is the first example of Dongwha’s construction of its very own factory overseas using its own technologies.

    It demonstrated Dongwha’s outstanding technological prowess in building plants. The successful combination of the local company’s abundant resources and Dongwha’s technologies and expertise points Dongwha's future in the right direction.

  • - 2013. 05

    • photo1Dongwha Timbers Foreground
    • photo2Dongwha Timbers Foreground
    • photo3Dongwha Timbers Foreground
    Construction of Dongwha Timbers’ new sawmill plant
    In 2011, Dongwha acquired Willmott Timbers located in Bombala to establish Dongwha Timbers. Dongwha Timbers, by providing a stable timber supply, as Dongwha's production base in Australia.

    After a year of preparations, Dongwha launched the construction of a new sawmill, receiving full-fledged support from the Australian government.

    In May 2013 the construction was completed, drawing significant attention from Australian news agencies and the local community. By growing hand in hand with the local community, Dongwha Timbers represents Dongwha’s business philosophy.

  • - 2014. 04

    • A change of Dongwha CIA change of Dongwha CI
    A change of Dongwha CI
    Marking the 66th anniversary of its foundation, a new CI of Dongwha has been created to enhance its global branding.

    The new Dongwha CI has English text located in the front instead of putting the tree symbol at the back. Also, the larger size of the revised image emphasizes 'Dongwha' as a leading brand. It is re-designed to be perfect for Dongwha’s global foray through unification of colors for the symbol and the font in green range that brings more refinement as well as a clearer identity.
  • - 2014. 07

    • selling my car serviceselling my car service
    M Park easy auction and selling my car service launched
    We extended the business area of automobile after market by launching the M Park easy auction service in July 2014 following the M Park city, the trading center, opened in 2011.

    M Park easy auction is a simple differentiated auction service selling used cars anywhere and anytime through online auction.

    The service reflects ‘Trust’, the core value of Dongwha, by providing a transparent auction system compared to other competitors. Sellers can check the entire process by which their cars are sold through direct online auction.
  • - 2015. 01

    • Hankook Ilbo acquiredHankook Ilbo acquired
    Hankook Ilbo acquired
    Following the auto after market, we entered into the media business by acquiring Hankook Ilbo that is a political media house with a long-standing tradition as a new growth engine.

    We promise to become a leader in the field of media through our expertise in management and innovative DNA together with convergence of the outstanding manpower at Hankook Ilbo.
  • - 2016. 12

    • selling my car serviceEstablished Dongwha Capital
    Established Dongwha Capital, a finance service for used car sales
    As part of our efforts, we offer used car auto loan products to MPARK customers and business support finance to aid the smooth business operations of companies inside the MPARK Sales Complex.
  • - 2017. 04

    • selling my car serviceAcquired TAE YANG CHEMICAL
    Acquired precision chemical company TAE YANG CHEMICAL
    Acquired precision chemical company TAE YANG CHEMICAL to expand the chemical business in earnest